What are the benefits of vChecked?

Trust at
a glance

Trust at a glance


  • Know for sure that a really existing person is behind the domain
  • Enhanced trust due to the multi-step verification process the person must undergo to be granted the vChecked seal

Security through

Security through transparency


  • Internet users trust you regardless how well-known you and your business are
  • Disclosing the domain holder data signals integrity and creates transparency

A solid basis for
successful business

A solid basis for successful business


  • Know from the outset who is your partner
  • Enhanced security when choosing potential B2B contacts

vChecked − more security when using online services!

vChecked − exploit your business potential through successful business transactions

vChecked − the best foundation for a long-term business relationship!

Responsible for the vChecked verification is DENIC eG, the central registry of all Internet addresses that end with .de (.de domains). DENIC administers more than 17 million .de domains and runs the register in which the data of the domain holders are stored.

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